Akshar Forum is designed for a capacity of approximately one hundred students, divided into three house-sized structures, each directed by a qualified teacher. Any student can participate in activities in one or more sections, based on their interests, maturity level, and the discretion of the principal.

Primary School: Playhouse

Students learn to read and write, read stories, play learning games, watch movies, educational cartoons, and nature documentaries. Children are conditioned to develop positive associations with learning by engaging in personally enjoyable educational activities. Passing on facts to the children is secondary. The primary goal is to develop a passion for learning and personal growth in each individual child. Free learning periods are interspersed with structured learning activities, arts and crafts, logical and spatial puzzles, and writing drills.

Middle School: Library

Students delve deeper into academics in small group seminars. The seminars consist primarily of discussion and debate, in addition to lectures, presentations, and projects. Students train in groups for the University of Cambridge International Examinations (O and A Levels), the most widely recognised provider of international educational qualifications. Traditional schools focus nearly exclusively on subjects centred on mathematics and language arts. However, whole child education at Akshar Forum addresses all of the interconnected domains of knowledge including, but not limited to, music, visual arts, athletics, dance, self-knowledge, and interpersonal knowledge.

High School: Market

Students begin to plan for their professional careers by actively engaging in real-life community development, partnering and apprenticing with teachers, professionals, and university students. Students interested in a career in medicine work in the Akshar Forum health clinic; those interested in engineering work on solar panels, water filtration, and other community infrastructure projects; arts students put on plays, dance, and musical productions for profit; business students create real enterprises, online or otherwise; those interested in leadership participate in local government. They learn to reconcile their ambitions and passions with the financial demands of the real world.


Parents’ Education: Business School

Akshar Forum provides business lessons to the parents, a space for local start-up businesses, and guidance for unemployed mothers and fathers, through the process of starting a small enterprise. Meanwhile, we provide them with literacy training and basic instruction to information technology. Within a few years, they can develop the skills required to compete in the job market.

A weaving business that employs the mothers of our students to create crafts using recycled plastic is currently underway. Next, we will help students and their families develop a profitable laundromat with an electric washer, saving countless hours of labour for the mothers in the community; then, an environmental cleanup and sanitation service that employs teens and adults; a business for installation of solar panels, water filters, and other basic infrastructure that employs teens and adults; a health clinic with family planning services that employs students interested in careers in healthcare, with oversight professional volunteers and university students; and, finally, a community bank that can offer financial services, access to insurance, and micro finance loans. These social enterprises will help students and their families earn a living, give them real-life business training, and help them contribute immensely to the development of their own community.