Akshar Forum pays children to teach younger children.

Each of our students is trained in the craft of teaching, under the guidance of an adult teacher who provides instructions to the junior teachers and is always nearby.

Students proceed through the curriculum at their own pace, and since their wages are determined by their grade level, students are driven to learn more, so they can earn more, and teach more.

By teaching, children become better learners. They gain confidence, valuable skills, real-life work and leadership experience that benefits them throughout their lives. They also learn about personal finance, civic duty, and the rewarding feeling of a good day’s work.


Convince children they can become anything.

Akshar Forum’s Hero Curriculum uses storytelling and epic heroes from movies, books, history and mythology as a framework for all academics and as role models to empower the children.

Akshar Forum uses exciting storytelling to frame academics and
to guide children as they form their own identities.

All learning is viewed through the lens of the Hero’s Journey, as each student answers the question at the heart of every hero story: “Who am I?”

English Language instruction focuses on the literary analyses of epic hero tales throughout history, from Odysseus and Achilles, to Harry Potter and Katniss. History classes focus on critical debate of heroic figures from the past, from Gilgamesh, through Joan of Arc, to Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

The sciences are framed by the superhero stories. Elsa teaches about freezing, condensation, and crystallography. Superman introduces the topics of gravity and X-rays. Thor: electricity and magnetism. The Hulk: radiation and nuclear decay. And so on...


Teach children and parents how to earn a living.

We act as nursery for small business start-ups, teach essentials of business and financial management, and cultivate and entrepreneurial spirit in our kids.

We teach children and their families how to earn
a living and operate a business.

Akshar Forum is an entrepreneurial school, which serves as an incubator for small business and social enterprise.

Students learn practical business and financial principles that will benefit them in the real world, regardless of the career they choose later in life.

Through education and by helping to develop a series of businesses on our campus, we empower students and their families to lift themselves out of poverty.


Connect children to the limitless learning resources online.

We teach them how to access this knowledge to improve their lives.

Akshar Forum connects children to the vast
knowledge resources of the Internet.

Advances in information technology can deliver the sum total of human knowledge to every child in the world.
Efforts are already underway to provide blanket coverage to large swathes of the globe.

It is in the public interest to provide ALL children access to the virtually limitless wealth of videos, books, articles, lectures, Khan Academy, free university courses, TED, and social media.


Teach them how to save the world.

Students at Akshar Forum learn to be guardians of the environment.

We teach children to be guardians of their local environment.

At Akshar Forum, children learn that the world is in danger, and they can be the heroes that help save the world.

Planting trees, cleaning rivers and streams, collecting litter, recycling and reusing. Collecting and testing soil samples, sharing sustainable farming practices,

learning how to treat drinking water. Installing solar panels, creating mini-forests through cutting edge, rapid reforestation techniques, and installing air and water scrubbers.

Our vision is a mass movement of empowered youths, motivated to aide in the recovery of the Earth’s ecosystems.

Teach them how to teach themselves.

We need people who are fed up with watching violence and suffering on the news, tired of just talking about change. We need people who are ready to roll up their sleeves, stick their hands in the mud, and work hard.

We can teach the generation that ends poverty.

We can teach the generation that ends war.

And we can teach the generation that finally halts the death of the biosphere.

All they need is us.