Our mission is World Peace, Climate Stability, and the Eradication of Poverty, achieved through education. To this end, we seek to establish a network of schools, Akshar Forums, around the world, wherever children are in need. Akshar Forums emphasize independent thought, as well as group collaboration, discussions, and debate, rather than traditional didactic learning and rote memorization.

Akshar Forum Adopts a New Model Of Education Which

Ensures that all children discover their unique cognitive strengths and talents.

Emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, communication and metacognition, based on the latest neuroscience.

Guides children through the process of creating a rewarding career for themselves, based on their own passions and talents.

Trains independent learners by teaching students to teach themselves, using the incredible abundance of knowledge made available by modern information technology.

Blends theory with practice, academics with real life applications.

Teaches the joy of reading, of science, and of learning.

Empowers impoverished parents to create better lives for their children.